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Dedicated to a fun, friendly, and all around enjoyable Minecraft Multiplayer experience. With more than 1 year online at 97.8% uptime, our members have a vast multi-world server at their hands almost 24.7.365. The worlds bear incredible and stunning creations and milestones of achievement. We have been featured on, and enjoy a great reputation in the community at large. Consider joining if you haven't already; it's worth it!

Rice-Think has now introduced a Creative world for all you out-of-the box thinkers and creative minds! The only requirement is to be a VIP (30+ days as a Rice-Thinkian). You can pick up to 2 large plots to build, and more if authorized by an administrator. So, show us your greatest castles, fortresses, skyscrapers, trains, planes, automobiles, bridges, pixel-art, houses, buildings, buckets, cheeseburgers, and anything and everything else! The sky is the limit! Literally. Enjoy!